Monday, February 6, 2012

I heart kiddies (Day 4 of the 12 days of Valentine's)

During the day, I am blessed enough to have an opportunity to work with children with developmental disabilities at a preschool here in the Bronx. I really do love my job although it can be quite exhausting at times.

Today I found myself tired (Monday mornings tend to be that way), and as a result, I went to my music therapy sessions with an attitude of "Ok, just 10/20/30 more minutes until the session is over," and I was basically just enduring the half hour. I went to write down some notes on the sessions shortly after I had finished the first three, and I wrote a note to myself...I decided I was going to change my attitude from "Ok, just 20 more minutes, I can endure this!" To..."Ok, only 20 more minutes, I better make this 20 minutes count because that is all they're going to get of me today..." And it was amazing how that small shift in my perception, and the way I decided I was going to look at the day changed how the sessions went, drastically! This is my goal for tomorrow as present and purposeful in all you do- enjoy each moment.

(This photo is of one of my music therapy sessions- 
although I blurred out the children's faces for confidentiality reasons.)


  1. I love the attitude. You have such a gift and they are so lucky to get you every day!!

  2. those kids are lucky to be with someone who understand the import of it.

  3. Thanks Jaclyn! Yes, music therapy is definitely important.