Friday, February 3, 2012

The 12 Days of Valentine's

Big 12 days from now, it will be Valentine's Day. Why does this matter? Because. In honor of this, I will be posting each day for 12 days on this here blog (maybe about love, about relationships, about chocolate, about love songs...who knows?)

I know some people love Valentine's day, some people dread it like no other, and I frankly have felt both ways about it in my lifetime. But this year is different for me...and that is because I will be playing a show that night that may be the biggest show I've had up to this point in my career as a singer-songwriter. Since the first week I moved to New York, I've had a dream of playing at this little place in New York called Rockwood Music Hall. I went to see and hear people play there right after Joseph and I moved here, and fell in love with the space. People sat/ stood, ordered a drink of sorts and...listened. That is something that I've found to be quite rare at most venues. As a singer-songwriter, there is nothing else quite as exquisite as having a show where you and your audience connect. So when people sit to listen to your songs, and get lost in that moment with you, it's one of the best feelings ever. It makes all the time promoting, emailing, rehearsing, and writing seem worth it! 

Well I've had the privilege of playing at Rockwood Music Hall now a few times, and I love it. This show, however, will be slightly different because I'll be playing STAGE 2 for my first time ever, which means that there will be triple the space! And I couldn't think of a more exciting way to play my debut show on stage 2 than to do it on Valentine's day. To add to that excitement, a dear friend of mine, Amy Vachal who is a ridiculously talented singer-songwriter is going to do a set right after me. We decided to do a show where we could play our own sets, but also play a few songs together, including a love song we co-wrote called, "I Couldn't Lose You." 

Amy and I recently recorded this love song we wrote, and will be posting it in the next few days for your listening pleasure. I know I mentioned it in a blog post earlier, but is sounding so awesome, and especially thanks to Jeff Haynes who produced it. I can not wait to share it with you.

So as a recap...the show on 2/14 is at 8pm and it's FREE (21 and over though). What a fun and cheap date night?! Seriously. The song Amy and I wrote and recorded will be released shortly, so keep posted. And if you come to the show, Amy and I have some limited time only merch items that will be for sale that I think you'll enjoy as well.

So here goes day 1 of the 12 Days of Valentine's. Be back tomorrow...


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