Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pre-release adventures and surprises.

Well here it is official blog. I've been dying to blog for months now, and sadly have been putting it off as I got busy with the details of the album release. But alas, here we are...writing a blog and feeling pretty darn excited about it.

I've been especially excited about writing about the release show that happened over a month ago (crazy how times flies) because it was such a dream come true. I'm going to start with the PRE RELEASE show details. It was a bit crazy, I'll be honest. Everything came down to the wire, and I was a bit nervous that I might not even get the CD's in my hands before the release show. So in usual Bianca fashion, we were sweating bullets because everything came down to the last minute. I just have to say thanks to the help of many who helped me get it finished in time...Randy Bergida for mixing and engineering, Jamie Bendell, Mike Theis and Naomi Steckman for being willing to play on the album as well as at the CD release show...and my sister and husband for using their sweet design and photography skills to help me with my website and CD cover art. It all turned out exactly as I had dreamed. 

Except, I did have a few surprises that I hadn't anticipated. The one that was most exciting was when my dearest friend, Holly Hackett, showed up to my apartment at 6:30am on Thursday, November 10th without me having any idea. To give some back ground first, Holly and I became good friends in 8th grade on. We went to junior high, high school and college together. She and I were the cool kids on campus as evidenced by this picture here:

Thankfully, my husband recorded the actual event of Holly arriving on Thursday morning for you all to see. It's quite funny. Reactions to things are funny because they are as genuine as can be. And I honestly had no idea- so my reaction to her coming was truly a shock. (Warning: please do not mind the horrible 6:30 in the morning ugly face in which I have in this video...just pretend that you didn't see that.)

So there you have it, a little peak into the pre-release adventures. More to come shortly... but thanks for reading.