Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cooking up something real nice in the studio

What did you do this weekend of Martin Luther Kind day? Anything exciting? Well, one of the great things about living on the East Coast is that you usually get that Holiday off if you work in a school...and I had a lovely long weekend. It was a busy one though, and I'll tell you why...

Saturday, my dear friend and fellow singer-songwriter Amy Vachal and I went on a nice little drive upstate to a man's house by the name of Jeff Haynes to record a song! Yes! Amy and I wrote a sweet little love song a few months back, and are now recording it for our Valentine's Day show at Rockwood Music Hall (at 8 and 9pm). We want to show our love to all who like to listen by giving them this new gem we're cooking up in the studio right now. It's so far turning out to be absolutely lovely (thanks especially to Jeff Haynes who is producing it. He has amazing skills, and is so fun to work with).

Just as proof that it actually happened (because sometimes it seems too good to be true), here are some photos from Saturday's recording session. You can hear the song in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

And if you live in New York, you should come to our V-day show- it's going to be a great one.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking back while facing forward

In recent years it seems that almost every mile marker like birthdays, Holidays, anniversary's, etc...gets me thinking about where I am, where I'm trying to go and what I am doing. Sometimes those questions sting a little and give me subtle reminders that I'm either not doing what I want or need to be doing, or that I need to change the way I'm viewing things. Does that happen to anyone else?

This new year I've been reflecting on the past 12 months, and while it can be easy to focus on all of the things that I don't have that I had hoped to have this year, I can also find a tremendous amount of areas in my life where I have succeeded and have been totally enriched! Seriously...2011 included fun and meaningful family trips, writing and recording new songs, recording and releasing a new album!, serving in my church callings with the youth, taking better care of my physical health, and playing shows in New York City among other places. 


Last year, in January of 2011, I created a "vision board" of magazine clips and photos that represented what I wanted to create in 2011. I know it sounds a little weird, but I really attribute a lot of my success in 2011 to being clear on what I want to create in my life. So after making this collage of images that just stood out to me for some reason, on the back of it, I wrote a simple question with my right hand: 

"What do I want to create in 2011?"

My left had then wrote the response (in very bad handwriting), 

"A life that is overflowing with love and joy in the moment and a life of balance as I allow Gods love to spring forth through every part of my life. And even when it snows on the Spring tulips- hold fast to the hope of Spring."

The tulip image that I saw covered in snow really struck me! I couldn't help be feel frustrated at that idea, tulips meant springtime- it's not supposed to be snowing on the tulips! And that really represented a lot of how I was feeling at the time too...frustrated at things that I had no control over, and almost angry that things don't work out the way "they're supposed to" sometimes. So the reminder of holding fast to the hope of Spring was indeed an important reminder to me in 2011. 


Now as for 2012. I've created my new vision board, and there seems to be some similar themes, but also a new theme for the year. I asked the question again with my right hand, 

"What do I want to create in 2012?"

and my left handed response was,

"A life that lives in the moment- that is filled with love...that is content with what life has to offer and a life of balance where simple comes first."

That definitely sums up my hopes for 2012 pretty well. To be content with the present while striving for greater. That is tricky to do. I realized recently that I've spent a lot of time in my life thinking that, "If only I had ____, or ____...then I'd be happy." And I'm learning now more than ever that if I want to feel happy, it won't be because I have a better job, make more money, sell more CD's, or live in a nice house and have a family of my own. It will be because I made the choice to be happy. Simple as that.

My new years resolution basically boils down to those simple ideas...
"Live in the moment. Be content with the present. Keep balance of priorities."

Having this as my mantra this year will be helpful. Especially during moments of ingratitude, or during moments when I will want to compare myself to other people around me. This year I am content. Truly grateful for the simplicities of life. I have so many dear people in my life...So many wonderful opportunities to make and share music...And so many moments in my life that lead me to know that somehow God is involved in even the small details of my life. 2012 is going to be a good year. And in a few days, I'll also be letting you know about Winter tour dates, as well as my Valentine's Day show which will include a free download of a new love song! So 2012 is feeling good so far.

How about you? Any new year resolutions on your minds? Post them if you have any you'd like to share...I love hearing what other people are resolving for the new year- it's inspiring. Happy 2012 everyone!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry that I've been kind of hit or miss lately since I've been in and out of town. In the past week I've gone from here:

To here...

I've been able to see family in Miami, Virginia, Salt Lake City and New York.

Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I've got shows and Winter tours on their way and will be posted soon. I hope to see you at one of them soon!

Much Love,