Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fundraiser Update!

I am beyond amazed at how much response we got from the "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" fundraiser. Not only did people download the song, donate a few extra bucks, make hot cocoa gifts, we even had someone make a "Hot Chocolate Stand" with their family! 

There were people from all over the country who bought extra download codes and used those as part of their gift packages to loved ones, or at parties, etc. Here's a few examples of how they turned out.

As for the hot cocoa stand, Shelley Coates decided to put one together with her family and it turned out beautifully! In fact, her 6 year old son was part of the motivation behind it all. When he saw the Mormon Helping Hands video, he was so moved by what had happened to families in the East Coast during hurricane Sandy that he wanted to raise money in efforts to help those people "buy a new house." They were able to raise $105, and it was sent to a woman and her two daughters who live in Staten Island along with a note and pictures of their hot cocoa stand. 

I honestly can't help but get teary-eyed as I look at these photos. I am truly so touched and inspired by the examples of others. Especially this little boy- so young and with such a pure heart. Children inspire me.

As for the money that we raised for the "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" fundraiser...we made a total of $681! 

With that money, we did the following:

Bought gift cards for families in need...

Bought clothes to donate to the Steven Siller Foundation which is a place in Staten Island that is collecting clothes, food and items for people who lost everything during the storms. Those people were allowed to come to the foundation and do some "shopping" for things they needed. I was told they were in need of teenage clothes in particular, so that's what I spent my Saturday before Christmas doing. I went to buy the clothes in the crazy packed lines at the stores...

I then drove to the foundation in Staten Island, praying the whole way that I'd get there before they closed at 4:00pm. (I made it...but just barely!)

Since they were closing up, I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked to...but I got a photo with this guy at the foundation. Not even sure who he is really, but it's all I have to show I'm afraid. :)

So THANK YOU to you all for your support in this fundraiser! Thanks for listening, for spreading the word, for downloading, or for reading. Thank you again to Weeds to Wishes and How Does She for writing about it as well and supporting. And lastly, thank you to the musicians who made the  music happen.

It was such a joy and the highlight of my Christmas this year.
May you all have a blessed 2013!!