Monday, March 26, 2012

Virginia is for (music) lovers

So I'm a little behind in updating my's true. Sorry for that. I've been busy with all good things though, it hasn't been out of laziness. In fact, I'm working a little too much most of the time, but I'm loving everything I'm doing.

I've been getting out of New York City a little bit lately which has been wonderful. I was able to play in Philly for the first time (loved it), and also went down to Virginia once again with dear singer-songwriter friends of mine. There is something about road tripping with friends that is so enjoyable. Especially when on tour. And you certainly get to know one another well when you have over 12 hours in a car together. I learned that Todd Kramer and Matt Sucich have the best New York City accents of all time (which I fail miserably at mimicking). I learned that Rachel Epp is a Celine Dion fan to the core and knows every song of hers on pretty much any album. I learned that Matt will sleep on the floor so you can have the couch and will buy you your favorite watermelon sour patch kid snacks because he knows you like them. I learned that Todd is kind enough to drive to each borough in the city to pick you up and and will drive through the night so you can make it to work on time the next morning.

Pretty much I was lucky enough to tour to VA with an amazing bunch of people. Not only that, but the hosts of the house parties were also gracious and so kind. We played at The Camel on Tuesday night (see photo below), a house concert on Friday night in Charlottesville, at Para Coffee and on UVA campus during the day on Saturday, and at two different house concerts on Saturday night in Richmond. It was an amazing couple of days of music.

Here we are on UVA campus in this little YouTube clip. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful, and after long winter months in New York City, we couldn't help ourselves but to play music outside.

I feel I also need to give a special thanks to Naomi Steckman for playing cello with us and letting us crash at her apartment, and also to Rachel's sister for letting us sleep in her living room and making us homemade granola bars! Thank you for all for being so kind.

The trip back to New York from Virginia was hilarious. I decided to post this video for you to experience a little of it. Aside from the killer music, I love watching Todd and Matt's hand motions, and how the scenery changes as the time goes on in the video. I will warn you before watching it that it may have you craving more 90's music in your life once you see it. (Just sayin'...don't say I didn't warn you).

Welp, thanks for reading. I'll be sure to post soon about future shows I have coming up that I'm REALLY excited about. So keep posted. Lastly, happy Spring everyone.