Monday, November 12, 2012

One year ago...can you believe it?!

I can hardly believe that one year ago, I released "A Part of Me." I feel like that was so long ago, and yet like it just happened. What a thrill it has been to put out that album and to have had the opportunity to play those songs to people all over the country this past year.

In memory of that monumental time for me- I'm going to repost a few videos on here because I must. First one is of when Holly Hackett, a best friend of mine from forever ago, came to surprise me the morning before my show. I seriously had no idea she was was such an awesome surprise.  

Then of course on November 11th, the show for me was magical. It was such a joy to play with such talented singers and musicians (Mindy Gledhill, Jamie Bendell, Naomi Steckman and Mike Theis...). I loved it. Not only that, to all who came that night...if you are reading this post, and you were there that night- THANK YOU also for coming and supporting. For those who supported through the Kickstarter Campaign...again, THANK YOU for making the album possible. And to those who bought or listened to the album after it was released...thank you, thank you, thank you. Truly.

And to finish off the anniversary post, I leave you with this..."A Part of Me" recorded as a series of songwriters that is called the NYC Music Collective. I hope you enjoy. Thank you again for watching, reading, listening and following. It means a great deal. 

Much love,


P.S. Aaaaand there may be a Christmas song coming your way soon too. More to come on that in the near future.


  1. happy veteren's day...what?
    I LOVE YOU! i was thinking today, this is the first birthday in 2 years I have been in Utah. Two years ago, i lived with you...and last year was the release!
    so cool. i'm calling you right now.

  2. You have an absolutely gorgeous voice and your inner beauty shines as bright as your beautiful face. I just found you tonight...some how I was led to you on Pinterest of all places...singing kids songs and I was so struck by your voice and the spirit from which you sang that I kept going from video to video...I found your grateful song and cried my eyes out. Such beauty in your words and for tonight they have saved me from myself. You see I've had this really bad day...bad week, month...ect and I've been doing a month of gratitude along with my little's...anyways my bad day had me at my enough bridge...I was crying out to God to help me an hour before this..telling him that I couldn't live another day like this, that I didn't want to live...and then he answered me through you and your words in Grateful...and I was reminded that even though things are tough right now I still have so much to be grateful for. So thank you. Thank you for saving me from myself tonight and leading me back to where I am suppose to be. God bless you Bianca. You have a new fan. I hope it's okay that I share your grateful video as part of my month of thankfulness on facebook tomorrow. :)