Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here's how to get your download codes...

Free Printable!

Download PDF here
Download jpg here

Ok, first of all...I've just got to say THANK YOU so much for downloading this song, sharing it with others, and for the kind comments and emails! My heart is so full. Thank you so much. 

As for the download's how you can get them.

  1. Download and print this printable tag.
  2. Then be sure to download the song here. When you do so, there will be a section where you can send me a comment. If you want download codes (perhaps to give away as gifts), just send me a comment in this message telling me how many codes you would like. This will then give me your email address which will allow me to respond to you with the download codes.
  3. Or, you may also email me at and I will reply to your email with download codes.
  4. If you would like multiple download codes (perhaps to give away to your neighbors with some hot coco), then I would suggest (although you don't have to) that you put an extra dollar or more in the "Name Your Price" box (for example, if you want 10 download codes, then $10 would be appreciated). 
  5. Lastly, once you receive your codes and have printed out your printable, then you may write the download codes in the blank on the bottom of the cards where it says, "Download Code."
  6. If you'd like some super cute ideas as to how this download card thing can work as a gift, then go check it out on these blogs, "Weeds to Wishes", or "How Does She." Adorbs.
Let me know if you have questions. Thanks again for being a part of this! ...And may your days be jolly and bright. 



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